One HTML for all!

Our Core Competencies

User Experience Design - analysis of business needs, user interviewing, wireframing, information architecture, story boarding, user flows, interactive prototyping and graphic prototyping

Web Design - front end development in HTML5 & CSS3, responsive and adaptable websites, small B2C facing sites, mobile ready websites, build it once for all platforms, digital magazine creation and build

Graphic Design and Branding - design iteration, production of business marketing material including brochures, stickers, signs, business cards, etc., instructional guides and manuals

Industrial Design - product sketching, rapid prototyping, small-medium run manufacturing, 3D CAD rendering, physical prototyping

The Process

For all of our mobile ready website builds, we employ a pay-by-the-hour design process that prides itself in following a loose yet phased process. Every project starts out the same with a Discovery Phase that includes a competitive stakeholder / business analysis as well as an initial concept brainstorming session. In addition, we will nicely interrogate you about your users and what they want. If this information is unavailable, we will find your users and ask them directly. Bottom line, we need to know what motivates them. This phase could take anywhere from a day to a few weeks depending on how prepared you are and how deep we want to go down the rabbit hole. The Discovery Phase is extremely important as it sets the stage for the Design and Development phases. These final two phases are where our collaborative efforts come into view through user experience design, information architecture, graphic design and eventually developing the design to life.