Shelton and his entourage.

Chief Happiness Designer : Shelton Davis

Design Cannon is a multi-disciplinary design shoppe and the design repository for Shelton Davis. Specializing in user centered design has allowed Shelton the ability to research and design great experiences for a wide array of industries. As an industrial designer of products and user experience designer for interfaces, he's been able to work in both the product design and web/application design world. He's done ethnographic research, analysis and prototyping on police vehicle interiors (Carbon Motors with GTRI), researched and designed the next best kitchen oven and medical equipment interfaces (work with Echo Viz) and has most recently helped some rather large companies create great user experiences for mobile-ready websites and applications (The Home Depot, BlackBerry and The Weather Channel with MaxMedia Atlanta).

Our focus is to cultivate amazing client relations while delivering highly usable and enjoyable digital experiences to consumers.

The Team

The team consists of one until a project needs additional design, research, prototyping or development help. When this occurs the team will consist of a highly professional group of work-from-home consultants. By working remotely and collaborating often, we are able to have our own lives, work our own schedules and come together as one like a modern day Happy Voltron. We aren’t quite the defenders of the universe, but we like to defend against things like overhead costs, water cooler conversations and YouTube recesses. We bill for what we do for you and nothing more. Our YouTube recesses are taken off the clock and if we need to ramp up on a development competency for your project, we will spend internal time and money to bring ourselves up to speed. Your dollars pay for your project, period.